about us

Andrea Campaigne, MDIn 2008, Dr. Campaigne and Liane were both recruited to a group practice dedicated to giving midwives hospital privileges in Austin once again. This opportunity reminded them of the benefits a doctor-midwife collaboration had in women’s healthcare. They worked together in this setting for 3 years, but over time learned that the size of the practice made close patient relationships somewhat more difficult to achieve.

Nurture was formed in 2011, with a desire to create a pure and small experiment in how doctor-midwife collaborations could positively impact women’s health. Dr. Campaigne and Liane wanted to create a nurturing environment where everyone on staff knew all of their patients, making relationships the heart of the practice. In simple terms, they wanted to provide a small town experience in the heart of Austin.

Shawntai and Brigitte both started at the same group practice as Dr. Campaigne and Liane in 2008, so the four have been a clinical pod for several years. Kim joined our team with the inception of Nurture and has become an invaluable cornerstone of the “family”.

Liane (Miller) MacPherson, RN, CNMIn late 2012, our family grew! Dr. (Ofobike) Weidaw, a personal friend and residency training colleague of Dr. Campaigne, signed up to join the practice. In preparation for this growth, we were thrilled to hire Amanda, a labor and delivery nurse who had worked with Dr. Campaigne and Liane at North Austin Medical Center for years and who jumped at the chance to join us in our office. In addition, our office blossomed with the sweet enthusiastic face of Erika at the front desk.

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