Anita R. Sandhu, MD

Anita R. Sandhu, MDAs a child, I was always interested in science and how things work. I used to take apart broken home electronics and try to find out what wasn’t working, fix it, and put it back together. Medicine is a way to constantly be inquisitive and use it to help people. I think that being a doctor is more than fixing problems, though, but also keeping patients healthy and preventing illness/disease.

I had several influences who pointed me toward medicine. My mother worked as a pharmacist in a hospital, so I was around that setting a lot growing up. My uncle is an orthopedic surgeon in Thailand, and I spent some time shadowing in the medical field there. Doctors earn a lot of respect, especially in my family’s culture.

I think education is important so patients can make an informed decision. I believe in presenting options, discussing the pros and cons, and helping the patient decide what might work best for them. There is not one answer for everyone. A lot of patients have an idea of what they want, and I can support that. But I can also educate them on alternatives that they may not have considered.

I enjoy taking care of patients, forming relationships through all stages of their lives, including gynecologic care, preconception, during their pregnancies, and through the menopausal years. I feel it is my responsibility to help my patients make informed decisions about their care and strive toward healthy, safe outcomes.

If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be a world traveler, or a backup dancer for Janet Jackson!

I’d like any job where I could travel the world, such as a photographer, if I had that talent. Growing up, I secretly wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. The closest I’ve gotten is a cardio hip-hop class!

Likes: Spending time with my family, long distance running, trying out new restaurants

Dislikes: Large bugs in my house (scorpions especially), being too cold