Lisa Carlile, CNM

Lisa Carlile, CNMI have always considered myself a native Austinite. My family moved here when I was 5, I went to Anderson High School and rounded out my love of Austin while attending the University of Texas. I started out Pre-Med but soon realized Nursing was the perfect track for me. I got my BSN in 1986 and moved immediately to Colorado Springs, following my Air Force Boyfriend, would be husband, across the country many times.

In this tumultuous time in my life, I had 3 children. My first in Arizona working as a Registered Nurse, Brynn joined us in 1988 while my Husband was in Pilot Training. My second came in Abilene, Texas where we were next stationed while my husband was flying Tankers in Iraq. Michael was born in 1991, when I was working as a Nurse in Labor and Delivery. This was the first opportunity I had to work in L&D and knew that this was my place. My last child, Samantha, was born in Minot, North Dakota (one of the worst places in the country) and was delivered by a Certified Nurse Midwife. That experience was very different from my other 2 and inspired me to pursue that same career path.

We soon after moved to Edmond, Oklahoma where I attended The Frontier School for Midwifery and Family Nursing where I learned my passion for caring for women. I have had the opportunity to work in both hospital and birth center environments and love all aspects of Midwifery Care.

We returned to Austin, finally, in 2000 when my husband left the Air Force so that we could be close to family, and finally set down roots. Through a series of jobs, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful Nurse Midwives and Physicians and cared for women in all stages of life. I met Andrea and Liane in 2008 and count them as close friends/family.

I am lucky to have this opportunity to join Nurture and provide care in a supportive and welcoming environment.

I recently spent some time with my oldest daughter who just had our first grandbaby, Vera. I had the awesome privilege of being with Brynn for her birth, but struggled with ensuring I didn’t step on any toes. If you see me and ask me about Vera, I have a plethora of pictures I am more than willing to share.

Likes: My babies/my sexy husband, Liverpool FC, The Dallas Cowboys (lifelong fan), rain, a nice Hefe, growing things and watching Project Runway with my daughter.

Dislikes: Going out, shopping, tomatoes, refusal to consider other sides of an issue, headaches, suffering, and terrible Austin traffic.