why nurture?

On Behalf of Women Everywhere

We developed ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn with a pretty simple agenda. We believe women deserve to be treated as individuals, and given the time, space, compassion, and information to be guardians of their own care. In modern practices, most health care interactions are rushed and robotic. Frankly, we didn’t feel comfortable in those settings so we understand why our patients wouldn’t either.

At ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn, personalized care and good communication are at the forefront of each patient encounter. We practice an evidence-based approach to medicine that heeds the learning of our historical record but doesn’t categorically challenge the fact that women are strong, nature is wise (and wily), and women have been having babies for a long time. We try to interfere less, listen more, and walk together with our patients, lending our wisdom and letting them ultimately make their own choices.


For the Amazing Miracle of Life

We are passionate about the spectrum of women’s health, but we do find helping women through birth particularly gratifying. We are also proud of the fact that we find ourselves sitting with happy, healthy mothers and babies as the product of our work. Incidentally we have a c-section rate that continues to be around 10%, a VBAC rate that exceeds 80%, and an epidural rate that hovers around 50%. We support low levels of interference but also do not believe that we should proceed without individualizing the course of care. No two women have the same birth—so we are cautious about writing your story or judging another’s before we tackle the road together. We believe the strongest foundation of navigating labor and delivery comes from the trust we’ve established in the groundwork of prenatal care. We have been present at 100% of our births since the beginning of ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn. And, we hope to keep that pace (or as close to it as humanly possible) as we grow.

We do hospital-based delivery because it is where we have trained and feel most comfortable. We have a wonderful and open relationship with our community and support a woman’s right to choose birth in whatever setting she prefers and feels comfortable.  We also support hospital-based delivery because we’ve met many women who feel they cannot choose home birth or a birth center birth due to any number of reasons (financial, fears, birthing complications, lack of family support, and risk factors). We believe women should be offered a place where their birth choices are supported and not judged, guided with keen medical expertise but with room for an authentic experience, all of which can be achieved in a hospital setting.

Because Women’s Health Care Deserves Compassionate Care

Women deserve an ally when it comes to navigating their health care, not only through the course of their pregnancies. The gamut of women’s health care covers a multitude of checkpoints and we want to be there, alongside our patients, to diagnose illness and treat symptoms with compassionate care in a true partnership. We take the same nurturing approach to treating our patients regardless of the situation, not just in prenatal care or labor and delivery. While many women think of an Ob/Gyn or midwife in the realms of pregnancy and fertility, we are also dedicated to the care of women through their annual well-women exams, office gynecology and contraceptive needs over their lifetime.

We’re women too, so we know firsthand the importance of good health and the value of a positive relationship with our caregivers.