Frequently Asked Questions

Nurture OBGYN Waiting RoomAt Nurture we know you expect more from your Ob/Gyn. Find out what the ARC Nurture North Ob/Gyn difference has in store for you. Still looking for an answer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at 512-994-2662 and we’ll be happy to help.



How do I know if Nurture is the place for me?
Our practice is a small, intimate environment intended to promote individualized care of women and their families. With only two OBGYN’S and two Certified Nurse-Midwifes, we can offer consistency, unhurried attentiveness, and high quality health care. We have access to referrals and specialists for those clients who may require it, but we can care for most women before, during, and after pregnancy as well as offering annual and GYN needs that arise.


What is a Certified Nurse-Midwife?
In Texas, there are several types of midwives. Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs), like Liane and Lisa, are advanced-practice RNs trained in both nursing and midwifery and are most often hospital-based. Advance practice nurses are governed by the Texas Board of Nurses and include CNMs, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and Nurse-Practitioners (NPs).


What are the roles of the Obstetrician/Gynecologist and the Midwife?
At Nurture, the collaborative model values the contributions of both disciplines of midwifery and obstetrics and respects the normalcy of most pregnancies with a watchful eye for complications. Dr. Andrea Campaigne, Dr. Blake (Ofobike) Weidaw, Liane MacPherson and Lisa Carlile all share in the caring of our clients and families. When the situation warrants, two team members may be involved during the labor, birth or GYN/annual encounter.


How is your practice different from others?
At Nurture, our goal is to know our clients well. In larger practices, women often feel connected to one provider, without assurance that their obstetrician will be in attendance. With a small team of four, women will be comfortable with Andrea, Blake, Liane & Lisa by the time of their baby’s arrival.


In such a small practice, how do you manage vacations and holidays, and do you have a on-call schedule?
You will always be attended by Dr. Campaigne, Dr. (Ofobike) Weidaw, Liane or Lisa. If Dr. Campaigne or Dr. Ofobike are taking a day off, back up support is provided to Liane and Lisa by Renaissance Women’s Group, in the event that complications arise. Liane or Lisa will continue to be present for your support. Our call schedule is tailored to cover our clients seamlessly, but is not necessarily static or predetermined.


If I elect to have my son circumcised, how is that service provided?
Nurture has the convenience of in-hospital circumcision services supported by the skilled and experienced team of Renaissance Women’s Group physicians. This procedure is typically done on the day your infant is discharged from the hospital.


How long will I be in the hospital after I have my baby?
A typical postpartum stay at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center is 48 hours following an uncomplicated vaginal birth, and 72 hours after a cesarean birth. These timelines are approximate and may depend upon the recommendations of your obstetrician and pediatrician. Communication about expectations will be ongoing during your stay.


As a client of Nurture, will I still need the support of a doula?
At Nurture, we appreciate how your ‘team’ may look depending on your individual needs, circumstances, and preferences. We feel very fortunate to have wonderful birth options for our clients, which often include doulas. While the roles of your obstetrician, midwife and doula may overlap at times, we believe that nearly all support garnered for your experience can enhance your journey. Together, your birth team is working hard to create the type of energy and outcome that you desire.


How do I get lactation support, should I decide to nurse my baby?
Preparatory education is available in numerous formats; from structured prenatal classes, to one-on-one time with a trained lactation supporter. At St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, all of the staff nurses have attended training and for additional expertise, a team of lactation consultants are available for attending to more challenging situations. Your obstetrician, midwife, and pediatrician will also be available to provide help with this dynamic aspect of parenting. Additionally, Liane is currently completing her formal training to become a lactation consultant to better serve your needs.


If I decide that Nurture is the place for me, how do I proceed?
If you are currently under a primary care provider, or another OBGYN service, a copy of your records can be requested by fax from our office. This is not an uncommon phenomenon as clients move within the health care system for a variety of reasons. Simply ask our receptionists, Erika or Jenna to help you!


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